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3Layers Technologies is the authorized Partner of Indeed ID – Multi-factor Solutions.

A global cybersecurity technology delivering Business-Driven Security™ Multi-factor Authentication solutions.

Philippines, Metro Manila — March 26, 2020 — Indeed ID, a global cybersecurity technology delivering Business-Driven Security™ Multi-factor Authentication solutions to help organizations manage digital risk, will extend its enterprise offering of new generation authentication and identity assurance through a strategic partnership and joint solution with 3Layers Technologies.

“The solution, Indeed Access Manager increase security and usability with Multi-Factor Authentication, combines with Indeed Privileged Access Manager to fully control and track usage of privileged accounts with the help of Indeed Certificate Manager that gives your organization all necessary tools to manage and control the variety of certificate authorities, issued certificates and smart cards at hands of employees the benefits of enterprise-grade security, risk-based authentication and simplified credential lifecycle management delivered by Indeed ID.”

“Managing employee passwords is a struggle for most businesses in the Philippines and worldwide. It is costly maintaining healthy password security, but not having it can be enormously costly. According to the recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. The report finds a staggering 81% of breaches involve compromised and weak credentials and last year security breaches cost companies an average of millions dollars per breach.”

“Our partnership with Indeed ID demonstrates a shared commitment to thousands of organizations and companies from security breaches,” said Joseph Mauricio, Engineering Manager, 3Layers Technologies. “This strategic effort combines Indeed ID long-standing expertise in identity and access management, with 3Layers Technologies proven leadership in standards and innovation, to bring forward a unified Indeed-based Software and hardware authentication solution for organization and business, their partners and their customers.”

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About Indeed ID – Multi-factor Authentication
The first system instances were delivered to customers in 2009. Today, the system contains tens of functional components. It can easily be integrated to technological partners’ systems and supports all the commercially available authentication technologies and smart card types, please visit

Indeed ID Team
The key employees have more than 15 years of working experience in information security field. Our experts have implemented tens of projects for companies of different industries: banks and financial institutions, telecommunications, energy, transportation, official and educational institutions.

Professional competence of our employees is both the most important tool and regular investment pattern for us. The team atmosphere contributes to fun from work and also makes personal fulfilment possible for our employees. At the same time, we like using modern instruments, technologies and methods in our work.